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EPIC is a global community of forerunners, pioneers, worshippers and intercessors -  with a vision to build continental highways of prayer and worship through relational, live-learn disciple-making. 

Planning Travels

2014 saw the forging of the first continental spiritual highway by the mobile EPIC Discipleship Training School (DTS) from South Africa to Jerusalem - traversing Africa’s waterways. Subsequently in 2019, YWAM Burtigny answered the call to oversee the building of the next EPIC highway through Europe, following the ancient Roman roads.

Initially birthed through the vehicle of YWAM DTS, EPIC is a dynamic prophetic movement which cannot be confined to the limits of a single ministry model. Rather, our mandate is to be a forerunner - sent in times of transition and crisis into places of darkness to declare the victory to come; breaking ground in the spiritual for those who will go after us. Like John the Baptist, we are called to prepare the Bride for the coming King; and equip the church to mature into the fullness of who she was destined to be in Christ. 

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Highways are built on the foundations of prayer, worship and ‘bridge-building’ - establishing strategic partnerships in the communities we are sent. In the past, this has involved worship-prayer burns, workshops/teaching and establishing connections with the local church and ministries.


Our vision is to build spiritual highways to Jerusalem, through different continents, strategic locations and spheres. These highways are forged through prayer, worship, evangelism and pursuing God’s heart of justice and holiness for the nations. In the words of prophet Isaiah: 

 “Pass through, pass through the gates! Prepare the way for the people. Build up, build up the highway! Remove the stones. Raise a banner for the nations.” Isaiah 62:10

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As the world accelerates towards the end of all ages, we eagerly anticipate a coming move of the Spirit – the ‘latter rain’ that will bring about the ‘fullness of the gentiles’ and the final ingathering of the Jews, ushering in Jesus’ physical return to Jerusalem as Bridegroom, King and Judge. Jerusalem is where the gospel was first launched to the nations 2000 years ago - and is where the story of the ages ends. 


Our birthplace was in South Africa! Over the past century there have been numerous (at least 40 documented) prophecies concerning a great revival in Africa, with flames of awakening beginning in South Africa, subsequently spreading north - from Cape to Cairo - through the entire continent and then to the rest of the globe! In 2014, God called Nathan and Nicole Keisler, along with their three young children, to pioneer the building of a spiritual highway - from Cape to Cairo, via Africa’s waterways - ending in Jerusalem. Thus saw the birthing of the EPIC vision!  Partnering with YWAM Muizenberg (South Africa), the highway was forged over a period of 3 years (2014 to 2016), through on-the-road discipleship training schools in 17 different countries. In 2015, Morris Sikabelenga was handed the mantle for the EPIC vision.

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2019 saw the launch of the second EPIC highway – this time partnering with YWAM Burtigny - through the continent of Europe! This highway

re-traced the steps of the Apostle Paul - the very first pioneering missionary – through Italy, Greece and Cyprus – to call the Bride of Christ to rise from the ashes and return to her first love.  


In this time of global transition and shaking, God is calling the Joshua’s, Daniel’s and Esther’s to rise up - leaders who will help navigate the transition into a new era and global awakening! Although initially birthed through the vehicle of YWAM DTS, we believe that God is calling EPIC to expand ‘beyond the four walls’ - into new vehicles, new spheres, new territories - all across the globe!


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Raphaelly F - Brazil

“One of the most touching parts of the epic journey was to not only learn, but to live worship. We were lead every day to have a God worshiping heart, serving the community, loving others, expressing through art and letting all of that overflow to reach other people. It was a beautiful journey that gave me a brand new perspective regarding our beautiful Creator.”


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John Bollen

Founding Member

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Nathan & Nicole Keisler 


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Jenny Rasija

Founding Member

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Morris Dalitso Sikabelenga

Visionary of Epic Journeys


Benediction Aiton

Team Builder

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College Friends


We are sounding the call for the forerunners, the builders, the pioneers, and the prayer warriors to join us as we prepare to launch into the nations! If you have a heart for worship, intercession, or simply love Jesus and would like to serve in whatever capacity; we’d love to hear from you! 


We are also looking for budding leaders to help lead future mobile discipleship training schools with EPIC. To qualify, you must have already completed a DTS. 


Please contact us on for more details.

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