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11th February 2020 - E-mail update

Dear friends,

Warm greetings from Cyprus!

Hope you are all doing well.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers, it means a lot to us!

When we first arrived, the ministry base leader kindly picked us up from the airport. On the way to our apartment, we saw flamingos (again!) in the distant salt marshes. The ministry leader commented that in the spring, thousands of flamingos flock to the salt marshes in Cyprus. The marshes are usually very salty, but they have been the fullest they have been in over a hundred years. He mentioned that there have been numerous prophecies that when the dams are full, Cyprus will have a revival - and they are currently 97% full!! Spring is coming!!

We are so encouraged that in each different location, God is speaking the same message about the times and seasons we are in.

One of the key ministries here is interceding for Cyprus and the M. East - specifically centring around the prophecy in Isaiah 19 - a highway (!) connecting Egypt, Assyria (of which Cyprus belongs) and Israel. The reconciliation of this region will in turn spill over into a blessing for the world!

Along this vein of thought, we sense that unity is key to breakthrough in Cyprus - especially the reconciliation of the Greek south and the Turkish north. As such, there has been a lot of attack in the area of unity (division being a stronghold in the nation) since coming here. I personally have been attacked with the spirit of offence and rejection, whilst others have felt attacked with a sense of isolation. But God is good! He led us in a time of corporate confession and repentance yesterday, which shifted something.

We also washed each other’s feet (John 13) and took communion together as a prophetic act of humility, unity and communion He wants to shift us before shifting the nation!

We will be having a three day worship-prayer burn this Thursday to Saturday along with other teams and members of the Body (near and far). Please pray that his Kingdom come, His will be done! May the a spirit of unity and of family flow like oil!

Thank you again for your prayers. We really appreciate it!


EPIC team

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