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Final leg of the chapter!

20th February 2020 - E-mail update

Dear friends,

Hello from the beautiful countryside of Northern Cyprus!

On Tuesday, we embarked on the final leg of this epic chapter - culminating in Turkish Cyprus. After an eight-hour journey involving four different buses (!), we miraculously made it to the place we will be staying at for this last part of outreach. Thank God for His hand of protection and for a smooth border crossing from the South to the North.  As we crossed the border, the difference between North and South was palpable - in both spiritual ambience and cultural landscape.  SPRING IS HERE!

Yesterday afternoon we visited a rural farming village. As we walked past groves of orange trees and breathed in the delicious citrus-scented air, I was reminded of a word prayed over us just before crossing the border - that we as we enter this place, Spring will arrive! This seems to be the season we are in globally - Winter has past and Spring (revival) is coming!

Song of Songs 2:10-13

Later that day, we visited the ruins of a church, the rubble and graffiti bearing witness to the pain of past and present conflict. We were reminded that the only hope for true reconciliation is through the cross of Christ. Ephesians 2:14

May there be reconciliation and unity in the church that will in turn usher a blessing in the land! Psalm 133.

That’s all from us for now. 

Thank you so much for partnering with us in prayer. Please pray that we would finish well as a team!


EPIC team

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