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Into Uncharted Territories!

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Dear friends,

Fifteen months into the pandemic, we sense we are on the cusp of something new, on both an individual and global level! The word “uncharted territories” comes to mind.. God is taking us places where no one has been before! Isaiah 43:19

Many of you may be at a “crossroads” season of life; things seem foggy and you can’t quite figure out how things will turn out! However God is teaching us to trust and rest in Him in the tension of the unknown - indeed life consists of all the little moments between the “now and not yet”. :)

Wei-Kay shares her story:

Recently I went on a mini retreat to visit a friend in Cornwall, UK. Whilst I was there, we went on a coastal cliff walk but it was very foggy, such that I couldn’t even see the sea! I could only trust my friend when she promised that the view out there was “beautiful”…

But it turned out to be one of the most gorgeous cliff walks I have been on in my life! With the deep fog all around, the vibrant colours of the flowers hemming the trail came alive, and we were able to appreciate their delicate beauty and the glistening of the dew drops against the misty backdrop - truly stunning. I would have missed the beauty of my immediate surroundings had the view been completely clear.

The fog did eventually clear so I was finally able to see the beautiful sea and coastline, every bit as stunning as my friend had promised. But I felt that in this moment God was reminding me that we don’t always have to have the view of the big picture clear in sight (the important thing is that He knows and it is beautiful, trust Him!). He simply wants us to enjoy the beauty of the season, of all the “middle moments” between the “now and not yet” - with Him.

The "promised land " that we are always striving towards as believers - the new Jerusalem - is “the dwelling of God with man” - and it can start right here - by simply abiding in Him. :)

Speaking of new seasons and uncharted territories, we sense that EPIC is also about to undergo a shift! The image we have been getting is that of the seed dying before it multiplies to many seeds (John 12:24).

Please pray for us during this time of transition and pruning.


EPIC family

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