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Rome! Navigating the Roman Roads

7th January 2020 - E-mail update

Dear friends,

Hope this finds you well!

Early this morning, after a 13-hour scenic coach journey we arrived safely in Rome! Praise God :-) 

We were greeted by a kind pastor (whose dry sense of humour is very relatable to some of the team ;)). Having refuelled after a morning of rest at the church and some tasty kebabs, we started to make our way to our place of accommodation - on the other side of town. 

Armed with a paper map (!) and detailed instructions from the pastor on how to navigate the public transport system (bus and metro), we set off.

Thus marked the beginning of the EPIC adventure in Europe!

On arrival to the metro station we discovered it was closed! A group of friendly youth loitering by the station explained that, sadly, a girl had committed suicide the night before. Also, there was an accident / health incident elsewhere on the line leading to the ‘highly unusual’ situation where a whole section of the line was closed. In addition, the station closest to our accommodation is currently closed for maintenance works! 

Undeterred, we finally made it to our accommodation three hours later!

Thank God for the kindness and favour of people we have met so far as well as for a comfortable place to stay :-)

Reflecting on today, as well as previous incidents with the vehicle during outreach in Geneva - we are beginning to see a theme where the enemy is trying to frustrate our ways and journeys. But in all this we have been seeing God’s sovereignty, goodness and favour  prevailing over all. His ways are higher!!

This opposition really speaks to the power behind the vision - building spiritual highways back to Jerusalem along the ancient Roman roads. Everything we do seems ‘small’ but it is building on the shoulders of generations of intercessors and worshippers that have gone before us. It only takes a drop to tip the bucket!

Zechariah 4:10

Thank you for your prayer support!

We appreciate your continued prayers for us as the Spirit leads.


The EPIC DTS team 

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